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Online Training On Youth Entrepreneurship

Online training on Youth Entrepreneurship

IEBDEM-OTC will be online as the name implies, this will improve learning and engagement of young people whereby they can learn through the online platform.

Aims And Objective

  • To Train young minds online
  • To build a strong connectivity with the young minds With in Nigeria
  • To help nurture and sustain development in young ones towards business, innovation and entrepreneurial wise.

What You Should Expect on Youth Development & Business Fund

  • Forum
  • Quiz Online
  • Live Classes – Video, Written, Audio
  • Registration Process/ Application
  • Business Grant



This Platform will enable users to meet other people with like minds so as to benefit each other based the programmes and event, been handled by IEBDEM-OTC Programme at that moment. It is an open source where they all need to login with their email addresses, which will be saved on the data base for follow up.


Quiz Online

The Online Quiz will be used to confirm if the participant really understands the scope of the programme which was learnt and also the application to it on business innovation.


Send Assignment

Assignment will be conducted online, the instructor gives assignment on the platform Under is/her package that she tutor and all student who registers for the programme will see the assignment and will also submit when the through with the assignment and the instructor will see it and score student on their score.

Live Classes

Live Classes will be conducted where all student will be online to attend the class, to participate, either through video, written content or audio session.

Registration Process/ Application

The registration process warrant applicant to have their business proposal, plan and aim on why they are apply. It will have the style where questions will be asked and also will be an avenue to score applicant.



  • Business, Managerial Skills and More.

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